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American Legion Post 116  Buddy Check Program 

The American Legion (National) Buddy Check Program


In the first four years  after The American Legion launched Buddy Checks as an official program,  more than 1 million veterans have  been reached and assisted.  The number of local American Legion posts conducting Buddy Check operations in those first four years  has grown from 3,683 to 4,456.

Buddy Checks are not membership or fundraising calls; they are simple check-ins with veterans in the community to see how they are doing and to learn if the local post can help with anything.  The web platform contains contact information of American Legion members and former members.  The Department of Veterans Affairs launched its own National Buddy Check Week in 2023 and invites involvement from local American Legion posts.

While Buddy Checks can be conducted year round, American Legion posts are strongly encouraged, by resolution, to make Buddy Check calls during Veterans Week (mid-November) and American Legion Birthday Week (mid-March).  Post 116 will be creating Buddy Check teams that make calls monthly or even  more frequently.  

Buddy Check teams are urged  to have  at their fingertips a list of local resources available  if needed. These may be American Legion service  officers, Vet Centers, VA health-care facilities, or others who can help.


Veterans may be reminded of the 988 Crisis Line in case they know of someone who needs urgent assistance, or if they need it themselves



  Download the Post 116 Buddy Check Reference Guide Here -->BE THE ONE TO SAVE ONE!

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