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Partnering with Louisa County Sheriff's Office

Louisa County Sheriff has several community programs that directly align with our Four Pillars.

The American Legion's mission is to promote Americanism, support national defense, assist veterans and their families, and advocate for the welfare of children and youth. Specifically we support youth programs that educate young people about the principles and values of American democracy. The American Legion is committed to supporting the well-being of children and young people through a variety of programs and initiatives. This includes providing scholarships, sponsoring youth sports programs, and supporting organizations that serve children with disabilities or challenges. All of which directly alligns with the Louisa County Sheriff Office.

The Louisa County Sheriff's Office provides a range of services to the community, including maintaining peace and order, preventing and investigating crime, enforcing traffic laws, and providing assistance and support during emergency situations. The Louisa County Sheriff's Office employs a team of trained and certified law enforcement officers, investigators, and support staff who work together to ensure the safety and security of the community. The agency has a dynamic series of programs designed to strengthen the relations between our Youth and Law Enforcement.

As the year ahead of us unveils itself you will see more of American Legion Post 116 partnership with the LCSO programs such as:



Law Enforcement Adventure Program (LEAP) was developed to a strengthen the relationship between police and our youth, and to give them some insight into basic policing with an opportunity for some hands-on learning with local officers, in a fun, safe manner. The youth camp will not only be educational, but will also have outdoor activities, events, and competitions, to create some teamwork with officers and youth alike. It is also designed to dispel teens misconceptions of law enforcement, and law enforcement’s misconception about teens, and to give guidance to those interested in a career in the criminal justice field.

LCSO is proud to be partnering with the Public Safety Cadet Program, a new, national non-profit organization founded and managed by active and retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults, ages 14 and graduated from the 8th grade up to the age of 20 (until 21st birthday), for careers and leadership in the public safety profession.  The program is sponsored by the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office as a service to the residents of Louisa County.  The Cadet Program is a great way for youth to prepare for their chosen career field or help them decide if their interest is strong enough to lead them into a law enforcement or other public Safety career.

The Teen Law Enforcement Academy provides high school students with an opportunity to learn more about the Louisa County Sheriff's Office, understand all facets of core law enforcement functions, participate in hands-on activities and explore core law enforcement functions.

The Teen Driver Challenge (TDC) is a defensive driving and vehicle control program designed for teenage drivers. The TDC is designed to provide young drivers with knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics and human kinetics, the forces created by an automobile, and the effects of those forces on the human body. TDC will give young drivers a strong foundation from which they can continue to develop and improve their driving skills to a consistently high level while maintaining safe driving habits. There will be a classroom portion and a behind the wheel portion.



 Louisa County Sheriffs Foundation:

Funding for most of these programs comes directly from the The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, which is a non-profit, private organization dedicated to improving the quality of law enforcement service in the County. Focus is to raise money and collect donations to directly and entirely benefit the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office who will strive to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community.  

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